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This is a cool little deep dive into your existential angst, an angst that can be quite relatable IMO. I believe existential horror is a relatively untapped market, and I think you handle the subject really well. I hope you're not too tired of listening to people read your story because I've gone ahead and read it as well. (:

BTW, I noticed this was published in 2016. I hope you're still working on new stuff and if you aren't, I hope you do! haha

Thanks for making games!


A true visual novel at its finest. Simply lean back, no need for thinking, just “enjoying” and reading! The game features good audio, a lot of not too annoying animations, and creepy surreal images. One could really feel the tag of ghosts coming to life in this game. Story-wise it’s interesting and has an amazing hook, I am sad there weren’t any other endings to explore than one.

Full review on my website!


piercingly atmospheric, a shame it ends too soon and without much plot development

Hi guys, please excuse my narrating however I felt it added a little something else to it.

Great little story & really enjoyable.

I absolutely loved listening to your voice reading my story :) Thanks a lot for doing a video of it!

Agree with the other comments, very atmospheric and nice audio, neat stuff!

Nice atmosphere!

Awesome! Very simplistic, but still so atmospheric!

A  very pleasant little slice of nightmare. The music alone is chilling enough to carry itself. 


Great game !!! Really ejoyed it.

We want more !!! :P

Here is a little video we made playing it.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for playing it and for your lovely comment :)

Hello! I loved your game, it was so atmospheric and wonderfully written! I made a let's play of your game here~

Hi Kathryn, thank you so much for your let's play of my game :)

You're most welcome :)

I love it! The atmosphere was dense and stressful. Well done.

Thank you. That is a very plaisant to play :)

Very good!!!! So eerie i love it 

thank you for your nice comment :)